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Copper Rate


Copper wire 8mm. diameter size which are raw material in making wire which is used to weld tin containers and making electronic wires in every kind by using Copper Cathode from Electrolytic which are 99.99% pure from countries in Africa and South America which are qualified from LME.



Then deliver these copper cathode to produce 8 mm. copper wire by continuous casting and roller or Oxygen Free Copper system [OFC] which is the system that quality is accepted by worldwide , Copper Wire will weight approximately 3 tons a coil together with certification and qualification from producer.

The Copper wire were produced by The Drawing Machine to draw to be the different sizes up to customer.   The working principle of Drawing Machine with different sizes is the same that means the large size of copper wire is drawn through the small die as percentage with treated by lubricant all the time.  And the reduction ratioof the copper wire size depends on machine and die, which all of dies used are diamond-headed that enable the surface of wire to be round and shine.  And then the copper wire need to anneal for reducing its tension for serving customer.