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Copper Rate

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Copper Wired
Copper Wired
Tinned copper wire
Stranding and Bunching wire for making electric wire

Plastic reel type, sized 4-15 kilograms, for containing fine wires.

Barrel type, with content of 150-500 kilograms, for welding cans. (Bare copper wire)

Metal bobbin type, with content of 150-500 kilograms, for making electric wires

Coil type, weighing about 2,000 kilograms , for welding cans.

Coil type, weighing about 800 kilograms, for welding cans.

Barrel type (Basket), weight about 1,000 kilograms, for welding cans

Coil 8 mm type , weight about 3,000 kgs , for making electric wire

Copper Cathode , weight about 2,500 kgs , for making copper wire and electric wire